empordalia logo sin fondoThe Empordàlia Cooperative was founded in 1947, combining the skills and experience of a number of small growers who had been producing unique wines and olive oil for generations.

Our commitment is quite simply to combine tradition and quality in every bottle. Without people there is no tradition and for this reason, our farmers are the key element of our cooperative.

If we need to say in few words what Empordàlia is, we would say it is a big team of people: a group of people that work to offer the best of our region. It is a combination of work between our farmers, the people working in the wine cellar and of course, our customers, they are the ones that value our wines and make our work possible.

D.O. EMPORDÀ, location, history and climate We are located at the north-eastern of Spain, sheltered by the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean sea and surrounded by 3 nature parks: Nature area of the Albera Massif, the Cap de Creus natural Park and the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural park.

The culture of wine in the region of Empordà started with the Greek Empire in the 6th century. In the 20th century lots of farmers who had been working the land for generations, decided to form and join cooperatives. This was the start of a new era of improved winemaking processes; new bodegas were built and sales networks were extended.

The climate in our region is Mediterranean with long hours of sunshine and very occasional rainfall with the strong northerly Tramontane wind. The soil is poor, made up of slate and granite, ideal for producing quality wines.


In Empordàlia, we cultivate the native varieties of Empordà – the White Grenache, Carignan and Muscat of Alexandria – are the main grapes used for the white wines, and the Grenache and Carignan are used for the reds. Our vineyards, made up of vines aged between 50 and 70 years, and are classified according to their quality potential. 230 hectares of vineyards are grown using age-old methods but applying the latest technologies.


THE EXPERTISE OF OUR GROWERS:  Antima, Balmeta and Coromina are our most representative wines which unite the terroir, old vines and the expertise of our growers to convey the spirit and strength of the DO Empordà.

Antima 2010



Grenache and Carignan


It is a wine of intense colour with aromas of very ripe fruit, jam, blackcurrants, truffles and undergrowth, balanced with roasted aromas created by the new wood. On the palate, the wine is complex, very concentrated and intense, with long lasting flavours and a backdrop of roasted notes brought by its six months’ ageing in new French oak barrels.


This wine pairs well with red meat, roasts and game, as well as mushroom-based dishes. Best served at: 15 – 17°C.

Wine growing area

Antima’s Grenache and Carignan vineyards, found in the areas of Rabós, Garriguella and Vilajuïga, within the Empordà D.O., grow in slate soil on mountain slopes.


Carignan and Grenache grapes from our oldest vineyards, harvested by hand and meticulously selected at the optimal moment of phenolic ripeness. Maceration and fermentation for 30 days at a temperature not exceeding 24°C. Ageing in new French oak barrels followed by bottle ageing.

Awards and Recognition

  • 82 points Degustation selection magazine


Alcohol: 14,5% Alcohol, Vol.

pH: 3,49

Total acidity (gr/l tartaric acid): 6,99

Residual Sugar: 0,14

Total Production: 3.000 bot.

Bottle: bordelesa tronco-cónica

ABC_balmeta_2013 (1)



100% Grenache


The wine boasts an intense cherry red colour and aromas of red and black fruit, such as strawberries, cherries and blackberries, along with a final touch of spice. On the palate, the wine is fresh with pleasant, smooth tannin, along with lingering notes of mint and liquorice.


It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, as an aperitif, with tapas or cold cuts, and it pairs well with all types of stewed or grilled meat. Best served at: 14 -17°C.

Wine growing area

Balmeta’s Grenache Roja vineyards, found in the Garriguella area, within the Empordà D.O., are planted in slate soil on mountain slopes


A single varietal wine made from the Grenache, using the latest winemaking methods, after a meticulous selection of the best Grenache grapes, harvested at the optimal moment of phenolic ripeness. Maceration and fermentation for 30 days at a temperature not exceeding 24°C. Vat ageing with micro-oxygenation followed by 1 year’s bottle ageing.

Awards and Recognition

  • Certified Petjada de Carboni
  • 84 points. Degustation selection magazine
  • Silver Medal. Grenaches du Monde


Alcohol: 14,5% Alcohol, Vol.

pH: 3,48

Total acidity (gr/l tartaric acid): 5,46

Residual Sugar: 0,07

Total Production: 15.000bot.

Bottle: bordelesa 75cl



Sinols is a union of feelings, an attempt to create art with the grapes of this privileged place. Our aim is to convey to everyone who tastes our wines not only enjoyment for the sense but also the spirit and the force of the elements of our land.

Sinols Negre Carignan, Grenache and little proportion of Syrah

Intense, bright red hue with purplish tones. Powerful aromas of ripe fruit, along with liquorice and pepper notes. Big on the palate with well-structured, smooth tannin and a long finish. 5 stars in Guía Peñín 2015- excellent value money.

Sinols Criança Grenache, Carignan, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon

Nine months’ rest in American and French oak casks, followed by 1 year’s bottle ageing. Intense ripe ruby-red cherry color. Rich aromas, well-structured, with long persistence in the mouth. Very rich in wellintegrated tannins. 5 stars in Guía Peñín 2015- excellent value money